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Buy Gun License Online. You need a firearm owner’s ID (FOID) to buy any gun and ammunition from a federally-registered seller. Some guns require further licensing, but none fewer, the advanced (usu. CCW) require the FOID as a prerequisite. Private sales are supposed to honor it but there are issues (we’ll get to) and the sales, well, private.

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There is no such thing (broadly) as a “US gun license”. A handful of states require either a license or a permit to own any firearm. A few more require one only to own handguns. A few states have a “Permit to purchase” system, which is just what it sounds like. Most states have none of that. As long as you aren’t a prohibited person (convicted of a felony or domestic violence, dishonorably discharged from the military, have a mental illness or drug addiction,etc), you can legally purchase a firearm by simply filling out the 4473 form, have an instant background check done on you, and that’s it. Buy Gun License Online usa The only real federal “gun license” is a federal firearms license, which are what businesses that deal with guns have to hold.

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